Happy 10th Birthday to WordPress! (Infographic)

We’re clearly biased (extremely, in fact), but we believe WordPress is the best CMS out there when you consider all the factors (cost, usability, scalability, support, etc.) This week WordPress celebrated it’s 10th birthday (or anniversary depending on your view). The infographic below, from WP Engineer, highlights 10 years of WordPress growth and progress.


[via WP Engineer]

Grace Life Baptist in Cypress, TX Uses WordPress

Grace Life Baptist in Cypress, TX recently had their website designed using the Bhinneka theme we featured the other day. Grace did a good job of utilizing the many features of Bhinneka without making the site too complex, as all of the Bhinneka features would be too much for a church home page. On their blog they’re using the featured image in each post, which makes for a nice look. They used the standard colors and look that come with the theme. 

Click the image below to visit Grace’s site and check out the Bhinneka theme on themeforest.net.

Grace Life Bapstist

Check Out Grace Life Baptist

Bhinneka – A Responsive WordPress Theme

Bhinneka is a WordPress theme (found on ThemeForest.net) that can work well for churches. In fact, I’ll feature a Church website in a couple days that’s using Bhinneka. It’s $45 and comes with a lot of great features. The Profiles page template is great for a staff page. It’s a responsive theme and the slider responds to touch gestures. The home page can be built with drag and drop usage. It has 3 built-in color schemes with unlimited background and color variations. It supports post types and Google fonts, as well as a number of other features.

Check back in a couple days to see a church website featuring Bhinneka.

Bhinneka WordPress Theme

Check Out Bhinneka

CHURCHOPE WordPress Theme for Churches

CHURCHOPE is a WordPress Theme for churches that can be found on ThemeForest.net. The theme is just $45, and it’s a great-looking theme with a lot of options. It features a large home page slider that adjusts to different heights depending on the content. Other features include:

  • Responsive design
  • Unlimited colors, sidebars, galleries and slideshows
  • Different home page layouts
  • Custom widgets and shortcodes
  • Events system
  • and more

Churchope WordPress Theme


The Role of WordPress

This is a guest post by Jack Sutton of VITEB-UK.


Everything that a website wants is supported by WordPress. You want a simple admin, well, give the WordPress admin dashboard a look. It is so simple that anyone can handle it. It needs absolutely no technical knowledge and makes the overall experience of handling a website a smooth sail.


What’s more WordPress has some of the best themes. WordPress hosts some really sophisticated themes which you can use to create your website. WordPress offers a huge collection from which you can take a pick based on your tastes and preferences.

User Community

Basically, since WordPress is so simple, it offers a huge community support. There are thousands of developers and users all over the world, who offer free support in the form of blogs, threads and tutorials.

If you ever find yourself unable to deal with a situation, you do not need to worry about going to a professional developer to sort it. Just use a search engine to locate a relevant site which can give you specific instructions regarding the course of action you must take. If not content you can go through more than one threads to ensure the best results.

Open Source

Yes, I saved the best for the last! WordPress is open source and absolutely free. It is easily available and you do not need any form of additional licensing in order to create a WordPress site. It has a lot of free options which makes your site just as good as any custom made one. There are a number of plug ins available with which you can add functionality to suit your needs.

How to Utilize Premium WordPress Themes for Blogging

Premium WordPress Themes make it very easy to add blog sections to your website. In fact, WordPress is almost synonymous with blogging. When you get into working with themes, the way that the theme allows you to style, alter and layout the blog will be vital. Even if you don’t plan to add a blog immediately, this is an important feature for search engine optimization and you should pay attention to how much power the theme gives you over the layout of and functions on the blog.

Different Themes and Capabilities

Most of the premium theme studios put together themes intended for different types of users. Some themes will offer you an incredible amount of flexibility over the layout and functions that you put on your blog but, in some cases, there may be so many options that using the theme is too difficult for non-technical users. These themes are typically intended to be used by professionals. There are usually themes available, however, that do have some very simple options for laying out the blog that also make it easy for the user to simply set the blog up and match it to their existing theme.


Most premium themes allow you to control the typography. It’s important to use the different header options available so that you give yourself a legitimate reason to use your keywords more frequently and so that the search engines see what your articles and content are about. From an aesthetic standpoint, you want to make sure that the typography matches the rest of the typography on your site. If your site is made up primarily of static pages that offer information about your business, for example, the blogs should fit in with the overall look of those pages, and themes make it easy to ensure that it does. Changing fonts, sizes, font colors and other variables is generally not difficult.


If your blog is monetized and you have advertisements as part of that strategy, you’ll want to make certain that you use a layout for your blog that gives you enough room at the margins to run however many ads you require. If you have a blog that is primarily about information and that doesn’t really have a commercial purpose, a two column layout gives you a nice option and means that you have a wider space for your blog entries and will still have plenty of room for widgets and other sidebar elements. Footers, headers and other variables also play heavily into the best layout for your page.

Many themes have options that allow you to change the number of columns on the page very easily. Good commercial themes will generally have advertising management features built into them, as well, which make it easy for you to swap advertisement in and out of your sidebars and the other areas on your page. Utilizing these themes can make it a lot easier to optimize your page for advertising and to make certain that it’s easy to add and remove advertisements from your blog section.

Make sure you take into consideration whether any given WordPress theme you’re thinking of buying is advertised as a theme for designers or for everyday people. This should ensure that you either get all of the very sophisticated options you need or that you have the straightforward and easy to understand experience you want, in the latter case. Good word press themes also ensure that your blog content is presented in a form that is readable by the search engines, which is excellent for improving your position on the search results.

Pendulum Theme – A Nice WordPress Theme for Churches

Pendulum Theme is a WordPress theme from Rascals Labs. The theme isn’t designed for churches, but instead for the music industry. However, I think it works well for church websites too. I love the look and feel, the menu action, the social links, the separate home page background and more. Here are some features in Pendulum:

  • Shortcodes manager
  • Slider with ability to play video build-in
  • Multilanguage support
  • Cufon fonts
  • Unlimited colors
  • Background generator
  • Porfolio, Slider & Event custom post types
  • Video tutorials
  • ..and more

Pendulum WordPress Theme for Churches

Check Out Pendulum

Bethel Church – Goldsboro, NC Uses WordPress

Bethel Church in Goldsboro, NC uses WordPress on their church website. Allen Moore is the Director of Online Ministries at Bethel Church and he designed this custom theme from the ground up for Bethel. Allen uses custom post types for video, events, and the main slider (Nivo – pulling from a custom post type). The site has a great look, similar to some other WordPress themes out there for churches, but this looks better in some ways. 

Bethel Church WordPress Website

Check Out Bethel

Minimal Church Theme from WPforChurch

Minimal Church Theme is a WordPress theme for churches from WPforChurch. WPforChurch offers a yearly subscription price of $49, which gets you access to all of their themes, plugins, and over 30 training videos while you’re a member. Minimal is one of their themes that comes with that yearly subscription.

Minimal is a responsive theme with the ability to change colors, heading, the main text and other options customized in the WordPress 3.4 Theme Customizer. 

Minimal Church WordPress Theme

Check Out Minimal

Intro Theme

Intro Theme is a new Portfolio theme from MintThemes.com that is designed to show off your work with great images, text and videos. It’s a fully responsive theme, adapting to all browsers sizes (for smartphones, tablets, etc). While they did not design it for this purpose, it could also be a great theme for a church. Especially if your church has solid graphics and videos, you can leverage those on your site with this theme. 

Check Out Intro Theme

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